Last Few Weeks For Some Organic Herbal Remedies

st-johns-wort-no-moreThe MHRA pharmacists have decided to prevent the continuing sale of “unlicensed” herbal medicines from 30th April 2014. Their announcement can be found at this link.

In effect this means from 1st May you will, almost certainly no longer be able to buy , organic St John’s wort, organic black cohosh and organic saw palmetto. There’s a strong probability you won’t be able to buy organic echinacea organic valerian, and organic milk thistle. Other organic herbal remedies are under threat, as so far the pharmacists have not issued a definitive list of what herbs (or what doses) can be legally sold as botanical food supplements.

At every step of this process the MHRA have acted against the interests of consumers and in favour of larger companies. They have made licenses unaffordable for smaller companies, they have made it particularly difficult for organic products to get licenses and they ignored the Government’s Red Tape Challenge when presented with an opportunity to make it far less expensive and bureaucratic to get licenses.  A detailed history can be seen on our Save Herbals page. Other countries within the EU have not gold-plated these regulations. There is some hope from the  BELFRIT list – a comprehensive of list of botanical ingredients appropriate for use in food and supplements.Echinacea-No-More-OrganicThe project, set up by Belgium, France and Italy (hence BELFRIT), looks as if it may attract the participation of other member states although, if the MHRA joins it, our fear would be they would attempt to minimise the number of herbs that could be clearly sold as botanical food supplements.

We do not blame the larger herbal companies for pushing the MHRA to enforce the licenses that they have spent a fortune to obtain. The problems with the development, implementation and enforcement of this legislation sit squarely with the MHRA

In the short run there is a consumer benefit. As we purchased stocks with the hope they would last until 2016 and we now have to sell them by end April 2014 we are now running massive discounts on echinacea, saw palmetto, valerian and St John’s wort