Research Study Indicates Honey & Black Seed Helps Covid19 Recovery

Photo by Manuel Torres Garcia

A double blind placebo study (awaiting peer review) by Sohaib et al of 313 patients with moderate and severe Covid19 showed that a combination of Honey and Nigella Sativa Black Seed (HNS) helped with symptoms alleviation and viral clearance in patients with moderate and severe disease. HNS resulted in a 50% reduction in time taken to alleviate symptoms as compared to placebo for “moderate patients” ie 4 days versus 7 days.

According to the researchers HNS can be used as a safe and effective therapy in COVID-19 patients as it promotes quicker recovery.

CAUTION: Please note the study is still awaiting peer review. Generally that means it should not guide treatment but as peer review is a long process we thought you would like to know. Dr Ashraf Sohaib who led the Pakistan based study is on the staff at Harvard Medical School, so we are hoping the peer review process will be positive!  A larger study led by Dr Sohaib is currently taking place