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Burdock Tincture 100ml

Burdock Tincture | Organic Arctium Lappa Extract Drops
High quality organic tincture of burdock botanical food supplement
Product Code: OHR-BUR-100
Brand: Organic Herbal Remedies
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Organic Burdock Tincture

High quality tincture of Arctium lappa root

Botanical Food Supplement

Soil Association certification GB5. This item is in stock and ready for despatch.

We only use the finest quality organic burdock root.

The specification we use is the same as that required by many professional herbalists. The tincture strength is high with a ratio of burdock root to pure grain alcohol of 1:3. We use alcohol as this is the most efficient method to gain the synergistic benefits of the whole herb.

Directions for use

Suggested intake is 0.5ml to 2ml three times a day. The suggested intake for older children is up to 0.6ml three times a day.

Some people prefer to take our tinctures in fruit juice or other flavoured drinks


Herb grown in the UK. Tincture manufactured and bottled in the UK to GMP approved standards.

Contains 45% v/v organically produced pure grain alcohol

To find a UK based herbalist or naturopath click here

Seek advice if hyper-sensitive to plants in the daisy family

This product is sold as a botanical food supplement. That means we are not allowed to provide information on the traditional uses and benefits of burdock. However, we still believe in free speech, so if you are interested in the benefits of burcock then we suggest you enter the search "benefits of burdock" into Google or see our useful links page

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