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We love life and we love herbs!


Organic Herbal Remedies Ltd was started in 2008. Our aim is to ensure that you know the herbal remedies you buy are 100% produced from organically produced ingredients. No artificial fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are used to grow our herbs. None of our products are GM or irradiated. All our own label dried herbs and tinctures are Soil Association certified and all the manufacturers we retail are Soil Association certified. 


Organic is important because our herbal tinctures are very strong concentrations of the herbs active compounds. Our herbs are extracted in organically produced pure grain alcohol because that is the most efficient method of extraction gaining the synegistic benefits of the whole plant. As the dosage levels are very small (typically 2 or 3 millilitres per dose) you do not need to worry about driving or children taking our products.


In our current range most of the products have a herb to pure grain alcohol ratio of 1:3 and 1:2. That means for every 3 litres of pure alcohol and water there are the active compounds from a kilo of dried herbs. So a typical 100ml bottle has 33.3gms of herbal active compounds. Some of the products in our range are 1:2 (50 gms) and Goldenseal is 1:5 (20gms). Some are made with dried herbs (they are stronger than fresh herbs as fresh plants are mostly water) while for some products (where it is best) we have used fresh herbs. See individual products for details.


The herbs we use are sourced from around the world to meet the high standards of the UK Soil Association. Not all herbs can be grown in the UK but we are trying tp prioritise locally grown herbs in our range. The bottles identify the country (or where more than one country is used region) where the herbs are sourced from. We will be developing our product range to increase the number of herbal remedies available. .


Our aim is to be an ethical company that our customers can rely on and trust:

Please contact us and let us know how we're doing. Your feedback is vital to help us grow in the right way. Email us at


The Directors of Organic Herbal Remedies are Drew and Ana Durning

Ana Durning is a qualified herbalist and naturopath. Ana provides our "organic herbalist" advice line by email only and usually responds to email requests for advice within a few days. For complex issues, that require a face-to-face consultation, use this link to find a herbalist near you


Most orders are dispatched on the day the order is placed or the next working day. UK orders are sent by first class Royal Mail and usually arrive within a day or two. Heavier parcels are sent by Parcelforce and arrive within two working days.

Since Brexit we have found deliveries to many EU countries have become slower, less reliable and subject to local customs charges and taxes. We continue to provide a service to some EU countries where the deliveries are more reliable but the list of countries we can no longer serve is growing. Our apologies for any inconvenience,

Organic Herbal Remedies