St Johns Wort Tincture 100ml | Organic Hypericum Perforatum

St Johns Wort Organic Tincture 100ml


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 St John's wort organic tincture 100mlorganic st johns wort tincture

High quality organic Hypericum perforatum tincture

Botanical food supplement. Certified organic by the Soil Association. 

Our product contains only the finest quality tincture of St John's wort flowering herb.

We don't sell pills or capsules in our own label range as our organic St John's wort tincture is more bio-available and does not contain unnatural ingredients

We use the same high specification as that required by many professional herbalists.

The tincture strength is high with a herb to pure organically produced alcohol ratio of 1:3, 1ml is the equivalent of 333mg of dried St John's wort herb. We use alcohol as that is the traditional and most efficient method of extracting the synergistic benefits of the whole herb. Dosage levels are very small (up to 4ml) Take with water although some prefer to take our tinctures with fruit juice or hot beverages.

Tincture manufactured and bottled in the UK to the highest standards.

Contains 45% v/v organically produced pure grain alcohol. This is the optimum strength alcohol to obtain the full spectrum of wonderful phytochemicals that St Johns wort contains. 

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St John's wort is a powerful herb and our general advice is not to take with any other medicine. Seek advice if breast feeding. Recommended to avoid excessive exposure to full sun or artificial sunlight UVA irradiation. Liaise with your local herbalist or contact us if you are uncertain about taking St John's wort. Vegan friendly St Johns wort tincture

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Russell - Suffolk 5 Stars

A great herbal tincture

A great herbal tincture to manage the demands of everyday life in these challenging times.