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Valerian Tincture 100ml


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Valerian food supplement     

High quality Valeriana officinalis tincture  botanical food supplement

Soil Association organic certification UK5. This item is in stock and ready for dispatch.

Our product contains only the finest quality tincture of organically produced Valerian.

Our organic valerian tincture is the most bio-available way to take this herb and does not contain unnatural ingredients.

We use the same high specification that many professional herbalists require. The tincture strength is high with a ratio of valerian herb to pure grain alcohol of 1:3. 1ml is the equivalent 333mg of dried herb. We use alcohol as that is the traditional and most effective method of extracting the synergistic benefits of the whole herb.

Directions for use:
As a food supplement take 0.75ml of the herb one or two times in the evening. Try combining it with passion flower food supplement as well

Tincture manufactured and bottled in the UK to the highest approved standards. Herb from Europe.

This tincture is an extract of Valerian using 45% v/v organically produced pure grain alcohol

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